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Short run vinyl and bespoke musical artefacts

We specialise in short run vinyl editions. Our label showcases great artists and makes exclusive limited editions of their releases. If you've got a great idea get in touch and we'll do the rest. Join our mailing list here to stay up to date and for subscriber only exclusives.


Quotes and Example Prices

Because we have an international client base we operate in English. We can do a lot of different things so it isn't possible to cover everything but if you share these details with us you can expect us to give you a pretty close estimate for your job. Just let us know in the comments any additional info about your project and what you want to achieve and we'll help you get there. We are only 100% happy with our work when you are.


Name *
Record size *
Vinyl colour *
What colour do you want your vinyl? If you choose 'combination of both' please specify how many of each in comments.
Number of sides *
Number of copies *
Number of copies
This is really important for accurate quotes, our records are made in real time so if you want a 12" single it will be a lot cheaper than an LP. Example, Side A 12 minutes, Side B 11 minutes, total running time is 23 minutes.
Vinyl weight *
Despite it being a very popular myth, there is no difference in sound with heavyweight, it is an aesthetic choice.
Is your audio mastered for vinyl? *
Record labels *
These are the label on the record itself. Included as standard in our prices. Of course you want them.
Sleeves *
Please note we have many options for packaging. If you have an idea or need one please write it in your comments on this form. See our gallery for some of the things we have done!
Who are these for
This does not affect our quote, we are just curious and this question is optional.
Drop us an URL so we can have a listen to your music or check out your business, we are really interested! This is optional too.
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