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Lapsihymy’s powers most certainly are growing. Perfectionist? Maybe. Introverted? Some might say that. 
But that’s a shortcut. Here is an artist who sees in the most beautiful places. Lapsihymy cares deeply about every sound, everything is in its’ rightful place like the numbers physicists see in rainbows to make a beautiful scene. Nothing is by chance here yet there is a graceful simplicity in his sound.
To enjoy Lapsihymy you need to stop thinking about your email. You need to forget about Facebook and leave your phone alone. You do not want to preview or skim listen to Lapishymy. Close your eyes and let yourself go.

Wonder is the first single from the LP COLLECTIONS 02 released on Royal Mint Records on June 1st. The single will be available on vinyl and digi with pre-order on April 27th.

Lapsihymy is a teenager but an accomplished producer with an extensive vinyl back catalogue of excellence.

Ghosts on TV / Lapsihymy split 7" (sold out)

You're alright 12" EP

Sinä ja minä 7" single

Over and over again 12" EP

Dreams take over everything LP


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