Royal Mint Records

Short run vinyl and bespoke musical artefacts

We specialise in short run vinyl editions. Our label showcases great artists and makes exclusive limited editions of their releases. If you've got a great idea get in touch and we'll do the rest. Join our mailing list here to stay up to date and for subscriber only exclusives.

"Our Record Store Day 7" was made by Royal Mint Records, everything from the cutting to the final product worked out just as we wanted. I highly recommend pressing vinyl with Royal Mint! Honest, professional, feel good, fast, warm and a good amount of punk!" Aleksi Pahkala, Radio Helsinki / Gim Kordon "Vieläkin On Ikävä" 7" black vinyl, printed cover.

Royal Mint Records handmade vinyl is made with a great and grand amount of love and respect for the artform. The same goes for the great quality and for the great attitude. Recommend? Yes! Henrik Heselius, De Kristallklara / Crystal Clears 'Society' EP, 12" clear vinyl, screen printed covers.

Royal Mint Records has bought a welcome return to the specialist imprint which has been lacking in the Finnish music scene. Their vinyl is lovingly handmade whilst looking and sounding excellent. It's been really great having some Soliti releases go through the Royal Mint process and something we would recommend to anyone else in love with the black stuff. Nick Triani, Producer, Head Chef at Soliti and DJ at Radio Helsinki

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