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The Duplo! Is Rock N Roll EP - pre-order (ships May 23rd)


The Duplo! Is Rock N Roll EP - pre-order (ships May 23rd)

from 16.00

Our 4th collab with the The Duplo! and BRAND NEW music from these top fellas! PREORDER the new EP from The Duplo! which will be with us on the 25th of May 2018 and *SHIPPED ON MAY 23RD (earlier to non-Finland destinations). There are 2 variants (picture disc and random colour) both numbered and limited to 25 copies each. There is also a bundle where you can get the singles collection LP and the EP for €30. 

The Duplo! are releasing new music for the first time in 20 years. They successfully returned to the stage in 2016 with their original line-up.  And now The Duplo! is back for good!

  1. September 10
  2. She’s a Vegan
  3. Jansku
  4. All My Life

All tracks written by The Duplo!

Sävellys: Aleks Duplee, Lars Duplee, Waikiki No Tom Tom
Sanat: Aleks Duplee

Laulu, Kitara ja akustinen kitara (Jansku) : Aleks Duplee (Aleksi Pahkala)
Basso: Lars Duplee (Lasse Kiehelä)
Rummut: Waikiki No Tom Tom (Jani Valpio)

Recorded and produced by: Juho Karhu & The Duplo!
Mixed by: Juho Karhu & The Duplo!
Mastered by: Markus Leminen

It’s fair to say The Duplo! blazed a trail of punk rock-nirvana in the late 1990’s with the release of a series of EPs that were not only ground-breaking in their ’who gives a fuckness’ but reached outside cosy Finnish environs.

Aleks Duplee (Aleksi Pahkala), Lars Duplee (Lasse Kiehelä) ja Waikiki No Tom Tom (Wallu Valpio) didn’t put a stop to their reunion once the collection dates had been delivered. To the studio they went and delivered their first new sounds in 20 years. Here my friend you’ll find a new chapter of The Duplo!’s notorious existence = The Duplo! Is Rock N Roll EP.

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