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Pollen - Our Frozen Sea 12" LP

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Pollen - Our Frozen Sea 12" LP

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25/7/2017 Just added! A very limited amount of numbered test pressings! Pollen - Our Frozen Sea limited edition LP on 180gm heavyweight black vinyl.

Side A:
1. Our Frozen Sea
2. Ranger
3. Lazy Sundays, Easy Mondays
4. This Isn't California
5. If I'm So Weird
6. Give Me A Genre

Side B:
7. Get Real Man
8. Mystic Lamb
9. Modern Native Women
10. Arctic Wren
11. Show Me The Way
12. Can We Fly?

Vinyl Variant:
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14 years after their debut album 'The Glorious Couch Life' about which which Rolling Stone wrote "Overall, the feeling is of wondrous, almost child-like beauty: the Pixies, Pavement and Beck are all reference points but they are filtered through something that's fresh, inspiring - and maybe even new", Pollen made a follow up.

The single Lazy Sundays, Easy Mondays was played heavily on Australia's JJJ radio network and has been featured on BBC 6 in the UK. Pollen are now Helsinki based and are about to release a third studio album, Confidence Will Kill You.

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