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Grande Mahogany EP - 10" / 8" / Cassette pre-order (ships Sept 5th)


Grande Mahogany EP - 10" / 8" / Cassette pre-order (ships Sept 5th)

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Meet GRANDE MAHOGANY! A 22 year old multi-instrumentalist, singer and producer who definitely sleeps with wah-wah pedals under his pillow. Watch the video below! SHIPS SEPT 5TH.

It’s a fuzzy new blend of 60s/70s psych rock & funk/rnb likened to Funkadelic  / parliament, Frank Marino and Jimi Hendrix with may be the odd tinge of Prince influenced falsetto vocals.

Born and raised in Turku, Finland he migrated to Manchester UK at 10 years old and became a sponge for all kinds of music but heavily inspired by 60s 70s music. He moved back to Finland in 2015 and is now 22 years old.

This project started in 2017; a few of the riffs on the ep go way back as ideas recorded on his phone as a teenager while deep in the Finnish countryside surrounded by sheep.

All the songs and instruments have been written by him, the drums by Kauri Ruohonen.

This is the first single; T'ween Our Way which will is out on Aug 24th with the self titled 4 track EP to follow on September 6th. Out on vinyl, cassette and digi on ROYAL MINT RECORDS (pre-order is NOW OPEN).

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