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Centipede - The Mountain - Translucent Pic 7" - Edition of 5 only

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Centipede - The Mountain - Translucent Pic 7" - Edition of 5 only


Love these dudes. Great live, had to expose my inner stoner metal fan. LP coming 10th Nov! This is a very special edition of 5 only with a sneak preview of the LP track THE MOUNTAIN. Stream below.

Helsinki-based stoner metal trio Centipede is releasing their sophomore album 'The Mountain' on Nov 10 2017. The band's music has been described as a granite glacier of riffs combining stoner, doom and thrash influences with catchy songwriting. Picking up where they left off with their well-received debut 'Sarnath' Centipede is back with 'The Mountain'. The album features eight songs, telling the story of unknown horrors from the stars, death and rebirth. After forming in 2011 Centipede has gigged in Finland and the Baltics with strong live presence and will continue to melt faces in 2018.
"They have taken bits from many places, mixed it all up with some original ideas and good songwriting,
and very much put their own stamp on it."
Sea of Tranquilty
"Yes, Centipede sticks close to genre and convention but it does so with a strong sound, one that is
already more mature and distinctive than many other similar bands."
"‘Sarnath’ is a bruising release that’s packed with enormous, churning riffs and sludgy, breathless vitriol."
Metal Temple
"...“Sarnath” manages to stay engaging consistently throughout due to its strong songwriting and energy.
The final validation of this effort is the closing title track, simultaneously announcing the band’s arrival and
concluding the metallic rampage they started seven songs ago."

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