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Short run vinyl and bespoke musical artefacts

We specialise in short run vinyl editions. Our label showcases great artists and makes exclusive limited editions of their releases. If you've got a great idea get in touch and we'll do the rest. Join our mailing list here to stay up to date and for subscriber only exclusives.


Why hand made records?

Records are cool. This musical format is so bad-ass it has survived since the 1800's. Records are real. We have nothing against technology but it's much easier to love a record than an MP3. Do you remember your first download or stream? Me neither. Yeah it is a little more expensive per record than having a larger run pressed but these are limited editions and each one is unique. Your fans and clients need to know that, every record is a collectors item. The biggest factor in our pricing is our time. Each record is cut in real time.

Please get in touch, we want to help you make your project a reality.

Audio and timings

A quick note you really need to know - 

Playing Times:

Vinyl has limitations on side lengths which vary according to the speed and diameter your audio itself. The longer the sides, the quieter the signal has to be cut. We aim for 0db to +3db playback volume for maximum compatibility. Do not try to maximise your records, give space and we can give you a great record.

How long can my records be?

33 rpm is industry standard for 10" and 12", 45 rpm is the standard for 7". We recommend sticking with these standards though if running time allows we will always cut at 45rpm. We also do an 8” record for those that can’t quite fit onto 7”.

At 33 rpm

7" Up to 6 minutes per side though this is the most compromising type of vinyl recording. Go 45 if you can on 7".  We won’t cut 33rpm 7” unless it is light acoustic music, may be jazz or recorded in mono.

10" Up to 12 minutes per side

12” Up to 16 minutes per side - we can in some instances for small run say under 10 copies consider audio up to 21 minutes per side. FOR ORDERS OVER 100 units the max length can be 23 minutes per side. Get in touch and we will inform you.

At 45 rpm

7" Up to 5 minutes per side MAX

10" Up to 10 minutes per side

12" Up to 12 minutes per side

What audio files do you need?

We can cut any audio file format from mp3's to 96k 24bit wav's. We recommend having your tunes mastered for vinyl by a professional mastering engineer (like us for example, we offer great rates if we are making your vinyl also) but don't fret if they aren't, we can make it happen. You MUST tell us though. Do not get your mate to do it and pretend, it will affect your record. Read about art and music submissions in details here. Our mastering rates are here.

Are your records literally hand cut?

Yep. All our records are made individually in real time so if your LP is 16 minutes a side that is how long it takes us to make it. We monitor each cut for quality. We also PRESS RECORDS through carefully selected partners for runs of 100 or more in 12”. Ask us.

What is the best vinyl ready master?

For your tunes to sound sweet on vinyl, certain considerations need to be kept in mind starting from the mixing process all the way to when we make the final cut. It is a little detailed to go into but basically there are a couple of physical limitations to vinyl records so with a little care everything will sound superb.

1) Keep things cool by making good mixes.

2) If you are using a mastering engineer (recommended though we can also prepare your tunes for vinyl) never limit or heavily compress your mixes before you send them. Let the mastering engineer do their job properly and bring your mixes to their final levels.

3) Do not mix high frequency stuff (e.g. hi-hats and cymbals) too loud.  They will cause distortion and/or trigger the high frequency limiter in our signal chain. They can make a recording sound muddy.

4) Always centre bass frequencies below 125hz. This isn’t a ‘rule’ but stereo info lower can cause issues. Bass guitar and low synths need to be in the centre of the stereo image otherwise groove geometry can be problematic. We will mono these frequencies here is we need to for a good cut. If frequencies below 300hz are not in phase they will cause terrible issues.

5) Watch out for vocal sibilance, use a de-esser if you need to.

6) Have a professional mastering engineer familiar with the vinyl medium (us for example) master your tracks if you can.

7) Phase is so so so important. Avoid psycho-acoustic effects and stereo wideners. You may make your recording impossible to cut to vinyl at all. Out of phase recordings will throw a stylus off the record, they are simply unplayable and cannot be cut. Piano, be very careful…

8) Especially if this is your first time mixing and/or mastering for vinyl, we recommend opting for a test pressing which you can email us about. This will give you an idea of how your mixes and masters will translate to vinyl. Ultimately we will do everything we can to help you get your tunes onto record! We are into DIY but there are some things vinyl just doesn’t like.

But do really they sound like 'real' records?

Yes indeed, they are real records. Especially with tunes mastered for vinyl by us the sound quality is just like you'd expect from any record you buy that was made with care. Because each record is unique there will be minute variances from record to record but that is what is cool, each one is one of a kind.


What do the basic record packages come with?

Each record comes in it's own white paper inner sleeve, with full colour centre labels on the disc, a colour sleeve and in shrink wrap.

Can you provide covers, download codes, CD inserts and full colour sleeves etc?

Of course. One thing that we want to do is make sure your project not only sounds great but looks great too. Check out our gallery for some inspiration and to see what your project could look like. We can add limited/numbered edition artwork as well (eg 1/10). Your imagination is the limit. 

Where can I get the artwork templates?

Read about that here.

Payment and Shipping

How long will my order take?

At the moment we are getting the records out within about 3-4 weeks. This fluctuates but we will always give you as accurate an estimate as we can at the time of your order. If you have a release coming up we recommend booking our time well in advance so we can help you meet your release scheduling. We can occasionally do an express job, just ask.

How can I pay?

You can pay by direct bank transfer, cards through the site and via paypal. We will give you options when you order. We don't pay PayPal fees so keep that in mind as it may add a little to your order. We require payment before we start on your project.

I have a business do I have to pay VAT in Europe?

Within Finland yes we have to collect VAT. Within the EU if you have a valid VAT number just let us know when you order. We will check it against the EU register and if it is cool we don't have to collect the VAT from you. If you're outside the EU we do not collect the VAT but you may be subject to local taxes. Check it out first if you aren't sure.

Do you ship to anywhere?

Within reason, yes! We work with DHL and have pretty speedy shipping. POSTI and DHL take care of our deliveries in Finland. It is not possible to collect from the studio.

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